The UConn men fought off fatigue, James Bouknight’s continued absence and won one for Dee Rowe; plus more takeaways from DePaul

“We asked those guys to speak about the impact that man had, that amazing man, on the lives of people,” Hurley said, “and just what he means to New England and specifically UConn. Right before we went to bed [Sunday], it was a simple as, we’ve got to find a way, it’s going to be difficult to win your third in a row on the road. Let’s dig down. What great programs do, they find a way to win a game like this and dedicate that, they honor Coach Rowe and his family and everything he’s meant to UConn, and to basketball, and to the world, because the world would be in a much better place, we wouldn’t have the divisiveness and the hate and the suffering if there were more human beings with his kindness.”

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