Opinion: Bob Stefanowski got it wrong. The question is, what’s right with Hartford?

Luke Bronin is the first mayor in memory to tackle the city’s fiscal problems head on. Working with municipal employees, the city council, state legislators and two different state governors, Mayor Bronin fashioned solutions that stabilized the city’s finances and brought the city back from the brink of bankruptcy. Under his leadership, the city has attracted significant public and private investment for the first time in 20 years. Prior to the onset of the pandemic, Hartford had attained impressive momentum. The addition of hundreds of apartments and condos, new neighborhood restaurants and the new UConn Hartford branch campus put more feet on the street and contributed to a growing vitality in the city. The further development of the entertainment district, a new award-winning baseball stadium and minor league team, along with a refurbished soccer stadium and professional soccer team are drawing people from around the region into the city. And developments in the city’s Downtown North and Parkville districts promise economic growth in the city’s vital and culturally rich neighborhoods.

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