Mike Anthony: Good riddance to the 2020 college football season; Bill Belichick made right call and other thoughts on sports

Whatever Cam Newton’s future with the Patriots, if there is one, he should be appreciated for the way he approached a difficult job in 2020. He took over a team depleted by COVID opt-outs. He didn’t play very well, but his supporting cast was probably weaker than any Tom Brady worked with. Previous reputation aside, Newton has been an adult in Foxboro. He gets criticized in some immature circles for what he wears — that canary yellow suit sure was something — as if a man’s style has anything to do with what takes place on the job. Newton was ineffective, though, particularly in the position’s most important function: throwing the football. And if Jarrett Stidham couldn’t get the nod somewhere along the way in 2020, there’s very little chance the quarterback of the future is on this roster. … If I’m running a team in 2021, particularly in New York or New England, I’d sign up for 10 years of Deshaun Watson, just about any way it could be worked out. Watson, 25, is butting heads with management in Houston after leading the NFL with 4,823 passing yards. He had 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions. … That the Eagles treated their Week 17 game against the Redskins with such disregard for the integrity of the game was unfortunate. So was the Giants’ 6-10 record. Anyone in East Rutherford bitter about missing the playoffs should keep that record in mind more so than the actions of Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who was fired Monday. Maybe he’ll wind up as Jets coach to the outrage of a fan base that has had its soul crushed for the last, oh, 50 years. … At least Adam Gase, with seasons of 7-9 and 2-14, had a slightly better two-year run than Rich Kotite (3-13, 1-15 in 1995-96).

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