‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ review: Trump’s America gets caught with its pants down

Cut to the adjoining bedroom. Giuliani, still wearing a microphone and a wire for the TV interview, lies down on the bed (likely at the actress’s urging, though we don’t see that part) and takes out the microphone, retucks his shirt in, still lying down — that part is weird, for sure — and then? I think, I think Cohen and his editors work a little hard to make it seem like he’s about to go for it. There’s at least one extremely dodgy edit where a shift in hidden camera perspective, dealing with a fleeting repeated moment involving Giuliani, shirt-tucking and hand disappearance, makes it look like Giuliani really is up to the something. Maybe the hand-on-her-lower-back stuff, a little earlier, is damning enough. Damning enough, that is, for about 10 minutes of this particular news cycle.

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