Meet Arnon Mishkin, the Fox News analyst who will call the winner of the election for the network

A: I think there are two reasons. One, I think that Fox News on election nights has a reputation for being extremely accurate, and for being extremely fair in terms of reporting out the vote and the outcome of the election. Election nights are very much a function of the news division at Fox News, and every directive I have been given from management and that I feel from the culture of the place is: Every voter in America wants to know who’s won this race and why. And it frankly doesn’t matter the partisanship of that viewer — that’s what they’re looking for. The second reason is, I think, that we have developed tools for use on election night which will provide a really clear picture of what’s going on. And those tools include, first and foremost, the Fox News Voter Analysis. We believe that this is the optimal tool, particularly because the size of the sample we’re going to get for the mail-in vote.

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