Meet the Hartfords: A tale of 25 cities and towns

In addition to the 20 Hartfords across the U.S, there are four Hartfords overseas.

Cheshire, England

During the English Civil War in 1644, a battle in Hartford, Cheshire, was fought at Hartford Green. Population: 5,515.

Cambridgeshire, England

Hartford, Cambridgeshire, has only 34 households but six church bells. Hertford is 38 miles away. Population: nears 450.

Liberia, Africa

The west African nation of Hartford, Liberia, has a monsoon climate. It has been home to many Liberian presidents and is known for its iron ore.


Hartford, Jamaica, is on the south side of the island. Sweet River runs through Hartford, making for fertile plains. Agricultural crops consist mostly of sugar cane, bananas, coffee, ginger and cocoa. Population: 145,000.

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