Game by game, Dan Hurley’s revealing a coach’s diary of the UConn men’s season on Instagram

Hurley’s take: “ … The TRUTH of how you performed is hard to handle when you fail so publicly. … it really hurts, but it’s the only way to avoid it happening again/often. … Learn what you can from it and then leave it there in the past. …Players are better at that than coaches, by the way. It takes us much longer to get over the feeling of defeat. It was important for our season to win our next game, to show an improving character as a program. This game was important for us to win back over our fans … to give them hope in the direction of the program again after three straight losing seasons, which is unimaginable at a place like this. Gampel was [electric] that Sunday. We won the game with Defense, Toughness, Togetherness and Our Crowd.”

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